Top Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities With Low Start-Up Costs

Starting a successful home based business is the dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs that possess a strong desire to leave the stress of the rat race once and for all. Unfortunately in the past the high start-up costs associated with starting a work from home business prevented many from indulging in this wonderful opportunity.However, there has recently surfaced several different ways to start your own home based business with a low start-up cost.These exciting opportunities have leveled the playing field allowing many more people to experience the joys and economical success with their own home based business provided they were willing to still invest the time and work effort required to run a business.Affiliate MarketingThis opportunity represents perhaps the easiest way to break into a successful work at home business venture but it generally does require finding a product or service to sell to potential customers and some knowledge of the Internet of required in order to truly reap the rewards associated with becoming an affiliate marketer.Still, the pay-off can be very lucrative when you get a selling funnel developed and implemented and with a small initial upfront cost for a domain name and hosting, affiliate marketing is a very doable business.Freelance OpportunitiesIf you possess a skill such as writing, drawing, graphic creation or website creation then perhaps the freelancing model might work best for you. In most cases with zero up-front cost to get started and no other expenses except for you internet connection fee the opportunity to become a freelancer can be very profitable indeed.Product CreationThis is a favorite home based business model for many online marketers because it allows you the freedom and flexibility to create a product based on your vision which can then be sold to people. The initial start-up costs may vary but generally you can create a product for under $500 and if the demand is high enough and you market it properly you stand a chance of having a five or six figure business on your hands. Direct Sales or Network MarketingThis is one of my preferred methods of making money with a home based business based on the low entry fee and potential ROI that can be achieved. Sometimes referred to as multi-level marketing or MLM, this work form home business involves sales. If you are an outgoing person with a natural sales ability and hook up with the right company in order to sell a quality product you could be on the verge of a six-figure business within a short amount of time.There are hundreds of thousands of legitimate home based business opportunities with low start up costs and the information above represents a quick overview of the many different possibilities.Finding the right home based business for you can be very exciting but you must be on the lookout for potential scams. Spend some time conducting thorough research and you will be able to find the right work from home opportunity that meets your dreams and desires.Are you in need of a work from home opportunity or home based business that really offers the potential to excel with a low start-up cost? As a successful California Scentsy consultant I invite you to check out the benefits available to you when you become a Scentsy consultant on my team.

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